America’s First Gay President

August 13, 2017

The hilarious Shannon Noll (We Still Like You) came to talk about James Buchanan who was most likely America's first gay president. We also talk about how his presidency wasn't that great for other reasons entirely.


The World’s Only Meteorite Victim

August 1, 2017

Comedian Liz Ziner is the guest today talking about Ann Hodges, the only person in known history to have been hit by a meteorite. Her story doesn't end there, however. Listen to hear about how this meteorite ended up affecting the rest of her life. 


History’s Practical Jokes: 54 Berners Street

July 24, 2017

In this silly episode, Whiskey Journal founder and Lincoln Lodge cast member Kyle Scanlan talks with Stephanie about one of history's greatest pranks of all time. What happened at 54 Berners Street that caused the address to be the talk of London? 


The Hays Code Part 2: The Decline

July 16, 2017

Hollywood's Hays Code is examined once it is put into place. We look at how and why it falls apart in the 60's and how we got the ratings system that we use today. Megan Stalter is absolutely hilarious in this episode. 


Hollywood and The Hays Code - Part I

July 9, 2017

The hilarious Megan Stalter talked with Stephanie about the rise of The Motion Picture Production Code aka The Hays Code that attempted to "clean up" Hollywood. We discuss pre-code movies and the freedom that they gave female characters. It's our first two-parter and you'll see why!


Was George Washington Really The First President?

July 2, 2017

Spoiler alert: No. Not really, that is. Comedian Arish Singh stops by to talk about why George Washington wasn't technically the first American leader. If he wasn't, then who was? 


The New England Vampire Panic

June 26, 2017

You've heard of The Salem Witch Trials, but America also had a brief vampire moment. Comedian Lainie Lenertz is so funny that we veer off topic a lot to go down funny rabbit holes, but ultimately we do tell the story of Mercy Brown and the vampire panic that swept New England. 


The Loch Ness Monster Hoax

June 26, 2017

Jason Earl Folks knows his cryptids and creatures, so he joins us to talk about the story behind The Loch Ness Monster. 


The First Woman To Vote In Chicago Used Her Feet

June 21, 2017

Comedian and carpenter Kaitlyn Grissom sits down to talk about The Armless Dynamo, an armless woman named Kittie Smith. The little we know about her life was incredible. Take a listen! 


Did We Already Meet a Time Traveler?

May 30, 2017

Conspiracy theorists rejoice! Dan Drees (McSweeney's, The Laugh Factory) sits down with me to talk about John Titor, a mysterious man who claimed to be a time traveler. Was this a hoax or did he really travel back in time?