America’s Only King: The King of Beaver Island

November 13, 2017

James Strang declared himself king of an island off of Lake Michigan and to eveyrone's surprise, the Beaver Island locals went with it. Sarah Shockey from Marty and Sarah Love Wrestling is here to talk about this Mormon king and his many scandals. 


Captain Streeter and his United States District of Lake Michigan

November 5, 2017

Chicago's wealthy Streeterville neighborhood is named after George Wellington Streeter or Captain Streeter, a strange man who declared landfill on the shore of Lake Michigan an independent state. His state was occupied by homeless people, prostitutes, and all kinds of criminals. Dillon Diatlo returns to hear about this insane story in Chicago history. 


The Phantom Killer and the True Story Behind an Urban Legend

October 23, 2017

We had Kristin Lytie from Bloody Mary podcast here to talk about the true story behind the lovers' lane urban legend: the still unsolved Phantom Killer murders! We talk about the history behind the urban legend and then discuss the movie The Town That Dreaded Sundown on her podcast.


Hunting For Mothman

October 18, 2017

Dan Sheehan (NOT A WOLF, We Still Like You) is here to talk about Mothman. Dan actually attempted to see Mothman for an article he recently wrote for Playboy. We talk about the legend, recent sightings, and his experience in this truly great episode. 


The Fox Sisters: Famous For Talking To Ghosts

October 9, 2017

The Fox Sisters were the original medium. They toured the country doing soldout shows where they spoke to ghosts...until one of the sisters cracked and revealed their secrets in a very public meltdown. Deanna Ortiz is back to gab about these ghostly gals!


Drama, Volcanoes, and Vampires: How Frankenstein Was Written

October 3, 2017

Comedian Kevin Lobkovich (The Lincoln Lodge) loves literature, so he's the perfect guest to talk about the legend behind Frankenstein. While most people know the mythic story, not as many people know that another monster was created that night. Tune in to hear more! 


Minisode: The Queen of Salsa: Celia Cruz

September 29, 2017

We're doing a special episode to honor Hispanic Heritage month by talking about the life of Celia Cruz, the queen of salsa. The music, not the dip. You really didn't think this was a sauce history podcast, did you?


The Muslim Prince Who Was An American Slave

September 25, 2017

Sabeen Sadiq is an absolute joy to talk to in this episode where we try to make sense of how a prince became a slave in America and how his forty year battle with securing his freedom went down. 


Unsolved Mysteries: The Tamam Shud Case

September 18, 2017

The Tamam Shud Case or The Somerton Man is one of the world's strangest unsolved mysteries. Not only do we not know what happened to the man found on Somerton beach, but we don't even know who he is. Will we ever know the truth? Comedian Mike Bobrinskoy is here to learn more about the Somerton Man. Listen to the end to hear how Mike attempts to solve the crime! 


What Happened to The No Nothing Party?

September 11, 2017

Comedian Audrey Jonas (Hoo Ha Comedy) joins us to talk about The No Nothing Party, a serious third party contender in early US politics. This anti-immigration party had a stronghold on American politics, but they evaporated just as quickly as they appeared on the scene. What happened?